Puppy Classes

Kindergarten Plus

kinder plus

This class is a confidence building, fun foundation for puppies 10 - 22 weeks old at first day of class.

Class includes puppy level challenges, games, and basic manners training to give your puppy a great initial view of the world and the skills to greet it confidently. Positive reinforcement and an introduction to clicker-based training will get your puppy thinking and learning actively.

We try for a student/teacher ratio of not more than 5/1 which ensures individual attention. Join us in teaching your puppy to love learning with you.

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Baby Agility

puppy agility

This class is your puppy's first taste of an exciting performance sport.

We will introduce your puppy to basic skill sets - crate games, intense stays, toy play and drive, sends and comes, shaping behaviors, impulse control exercises - and also to low impact agility equipment - wobble boards, low tables and tires, baby walks and tunnels.

Baby agility is for puppies 5 - 10 months old. Two blocks of Kindergarten Plus or the equivalent is a pre-requisite.

Current students have priority.

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Senior Puppy

senior puppy class

This class continues your puppy's education from the kindergarten classes.

Class is for puppies 5-7 months old at start of class. Emphasis is on attention to handler, focus on task at hand and impulse control. We will continue walk on leash, come when called, stays, crate games, and tricks.

Class is 50 minutes of instruction once a week in a 6 week block.

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